Kate Monkman's "Rainbow Maker" has sold out yet again! Apologies if you wanted to buy one. We're getting more in stock as soon as we can and will announce on social media and in our newsletter when we have them. Linda

Card Frames - turn cards into instant art

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Cards from Moondragon Cards are more than just cards: they're art in tiny, inexpensive packages. With art from some of the best fantasy and pagan artists available right here on our website, you have the basis for art-on-a-budget for your home, desk, or altar.

Add our light-weight, freestanding picture mounts to turn your card into instant art. Change them with the seasons, your mood, or your decor. Give as a gift with your card to make the occasion more memorable. Brighten up your world and let your imagination run free!

7x5 frames will fit cards of the following sizes:
  • 4.75" x 6.75",
  • 4.5" x 6.5",
  • 5" x 7"
8x6 frames will fit cards of this size: 5.75" x 8"

Select your size and colour now:

Moondragon is a UK-based independent greeting card shop, selling unusual, pagan/spiritual and fairy/fantasy greeting cards, prints and gifts. Artists include Anne Stokes, Wendy Andrew, Amanda Clark, and Briar. UK orders over £5 (excludes bulky items) are delivered FREE via first class post, and all orders (including overseas) are usually shipped the next working day.