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Poster - The Charge of the Great Mother

Poster - The Charge of the Great Mother

In collaboration with Morgana West, we're producing and selling A4 posters of her lovely 'The Charge of the Great Mother' verse.

Morgana explains the origins of the verse:

"I had a dream that the words of this verse, 'The Charge of the Great Mother', had to be read by someone to change their life. I watched from above as they leaned over a book I had given to them, in which was an image of our Earth, as seen from beyond.

That person spoke the words out loud and in doing so, negative thought and hopelessness slid away into the shadows. In time, they went on to do something very good and essential for Mother Earth and Mankind.

Perhaps this is fanciful silliness on my part. It once changed my own life though. The words might not be polished or poetically perfect, but they are as they came to me, from the Mother, during a Very Wintry Dark Moon Night of the Soul in 2004.

May you go forth into the world in the Light."

The verse reads as follows (Please note that Morgana holds the copyright for this verse. If you'd like to reproduce it for any purpose, please contact her via her website at

I am the Four Faces of the White Moon at Night
and I am the Warmth of the Red Sun at Day.
I am the Green Earth beneath your feet
and the Black Heavens above your crown.
I am the Song of the Morning Maiden
and the Wisdom of the Dark Woman of the Night.
I am your Birth, your Life and your Death and only through Me,
can you come to know My Mysteries.

I am the Darkness within your soul and the Light within your Spirit.

Come to Me, for I am your Mother. Take Me into your breath.
Inhale my Power and know that I am always with you.
Drink from my Cauldron of Rebirth and know that always you are my Child.
Eat from my Cornucopia of Abundance and know that always I will nourish you.

I am the sweet smell of the Earth, released as you press Me beneath your feet.
I am the very breath of Air that you draw into your being
and I am the dancing Fire of Passion when love is shared.
I am the Water that flows through your blood - touching every part of you.
I, and I alone knew you as Spirit even before you were created
and I will know you even after you have turned to dust.

And by all the Elements that are my Source, I Charge thee:

Ever strive for the growth of your eternal soul.
Challenge your thoughts and your mind.
Let not the worries and cares of your everyday life
take you away from what you know is your Destiny.
A Destiny that is yours and yours alone
and is My Gift that I have bestowed unto you.

Act always for the betterment of your brothers and sisters.
To strengthen them, is to forge the true chain of humanity.
Keep the chain strong and do not weaken in your endeavours.
You are my Brother, my Sister, my Lover and my Child.
I know you by your actions and your deeds, by your thoughts and your intent.
You are strong and you are wise and full of the power of Life that I have given to you.

Go forth into the world in the Light of my Love.
Turn to Me when the Darkness threatens to overcome you
and turn to Me also to share your triumphs.
Reach deep inside you and remember I have always been with you,
and I will be with you when the last star dies in the sky
and My Winter settles over the Universe.


Printed in the UK on paper sourced from responsibly managed forests. The outer wrapper is made from corn starch, and is therefore biodegradable. The backing board is made using 100% post-consumer waste.

Code: MND/MOON/055

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Artist: Morgana West
Size: A4 (8.27" x 11.69")
Source: Printed in the UK
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